Creating An Amazing Feature Rich Websitecreate-your-own-site

There are many ways to create your own website.

One way is to find a hosting company and allow them to create a basic site for you using their website builder feature. The only problem with this kind of website is that your options for features, such as eCommerce capabilities and social media integration, are very limited and the sites look generic.

Another option is to create your own site by buying a domain name and hosting account, creating your database(s), and uploading the relevant files for your website. This takes some knowledge and can be done. You just have to do your homework and figure it out.

The Easy Way

The simplest option is to register on a site that has already has a number of features installed and ready to go. This option will allow you to create any kind of website you want. All you have to do is sign up and activate the features you are interested in.

Some sites give you the option to create a free website. The downside to this is that they are usually limited in features/functionality and they are most likely ad supported. This means that you will have ads running on your website and you do not receive any compensation for these ads.

Your best bet is to choose a paid/subscription option that allows you to create your website. If you are interested in this option, we have already done the work for you.

Visit our Do-It-Yourself Website page here and follow the instructions.

Included in your membership are how-to videos that will guide you through the many possible functions for administering your website. We also have member forums where you can ask questions about your included website features.

Did I mention that we include over 130 website templates?

Every member gets their site listed in the Directory. The Directory can be used by other members or visitors to find services they need.

Community – We also have a built in community that every member can access through the dashboard. Use the community to reach out and network!

Plugins – We provide an assortment of plugins for you to create a feature-packed website!

Templates – We supply over one-hundred website templates.

Videos – We provide instructional videos that will show you how to perform the basic tasks you need to know to create your site. Access the tutorials from the main menu on, or on the left side of your website dashboard (look for the menu item labeled Video Tutorials).

Forums – We also provide a forum where you can ask questions about the features that are installed on your site.

Mobile Site – Your site comes with a mobile site!

Included Feature!

  • Mobile devices are everywhere. They’re used for everything under the sun including web browsing.
  • With our mobile site feature, your customers will be able to view your sites content with ease.

Below are the types of websites that can be created and the features that complement them:

Business & E-Commerce Sites
Our E-Commerce feature gives you the tools to create an online store to sell your products.

Blog Sites
We have plenty of features that allow you to connect & integrate your social media accounts and monetize your blog!