Custom Domain Setup

Since your site will be created and located on our hosting network, you have some options when it comes to naming your site. But first, you must place your site on our network and choose one a network name as your site address (URL).

After your site is set up, you have the option to use your own domain name as your default site address (URL).

For example, if you have a domain name called, we can map that domain to your network site address.

In this way, you site will be accessed using your domain (, not the default network site address. This allows your default network URL to be masked. This means that the only web address your site visitors see is the mapped URL (your domain). Your sites looks exactly like a stand-alone site!

Domain Customization

Step 1 – Your Domain Host

First and foremost! Your will be editing your DNS Zone file, so BACK IT UP!

This process will vary depending on your host. The example below is from

  • Access your domain details.
  • Select your DNS Zone File.
  • Edit the A (Host) record.
  • Point your @ record to this IP address:

Website Network Statistics

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Step 2 – Your Website Dashboard

  • Log in to your dashboard and select Tools on the left-hand menu.
  • From the Tools sub-menu, select Domain Mapping.
  • In the Mapped domain column, enter your domain name and click the Map domain button. This is where your default website URL ( becomes
  • That’s it!

Your will now be able to enter your own domain name and your site will function normally.