Website Features

Our built-in features enable you to create dynamic websites. For example, you can build an online store and integrate with popular social media platforms to promote your products.

Mobile Sites

Almost everyone looks up websites on-the-go with a mobile device of some sort.

That is why our network sites are equipped with mobile site capabilities. To use, just activate!

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Custom Domains

Since your site will be created and located on our hosting network, you have some options when it comes to naming your site. But first, you must place your site on our network and choose one a network name as your site address (URL).

After your site is set up, you have the option to use your own domain name as your default site address (URL).

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AutoBlog (WPMU)

Automatically post content from RSS feeds to your website.

Comments Plus (WPMU)

Let readers comment on your site pages and/or posts using a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or WordPress account.

Contact Form Widget (WPMU)

A simple, powerful and easy to use contact form widget to let your visitors easily get in touch

E-Newsletter (WPMU)

Send professional email newsletters and manage your subscribers.

Events + (WPMU)

Create, share and manage your next fundraiser, webinar, monthly class, virtual direct sales party, concert or rally on your WordPress site or Multisite network – from RSVPs and ticket sales to guest lists and social promotion.

Floating Social Bar (WPMU)

Give you a way to quickly share your content with a social share bar that follows your pages as they are scrolled.

Google Analytics + (WPMU)

Bring Google Analytics statistics right to your WordPress dashboard. Leverage stats to track growth, create better content and build a more valuable website.

Google Maps (WPMU)

Easily embed, customize and display Google maps in posts, pages and widgets.