This is a simple opportunity to make a side income stream. Please research this and ask as many questions as possible before making your decision.

At a minimum, this opportunity requires you to spend 5-hours per month working at a charity of your choice and a one-time signup fee of $ 149. That’s it.

Again, I provide many links for you to browse and research. If you are interested, contact me using my Contact Form.

Membership programs for individuals: There are two membership options for individuals. You can become a Happiness Ambassador or a Happy Business Consultant.

Membership for businesses: If you are a business owner, you can sign your business up as a Certified Happy Business. Enrolling your business in this program can be very beneficial to your business. Check out the benefits here!

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The Happy Neighborhood Project is the brain-child of Edwin Edebiri, the Chief Happiness Officer of the I Am Happy Project.

He started the I Am Happy Project in 2009 with a mission of spreading happiness globally one person at a time. That project is now in 64 cities in 19 countries.

In response to increasing demand from the happy people to connect with happy businesses, The Happy Neighborhood Project began.

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Become A Happiness Ambassador

Get Paid to Volunteer!

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community. But did you know that it can improve your health and happiness as well? Sometimes we do get locked into the “rat-race” of life and volunteering can offer an escape to the everyday routine and create balance in our lives.

Our mission is to spread happiness globally one person at a time.

One way we are doing this is to encourage people to volunteer by paying them a portion (5%) from the revenue we generate from our business clients in your designated region (zip code).

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Become A Happy Business Consultant

If you are a happy or positive person and you are comfortable dealing with small business owners and professionals, we invite you to become a Happy Business Consultant.

As Consultants, you will be introducing the happy business owners in the community to the Happy Neighborhood Project. You will work your leads or the leads from the Ambassadors or nonprofits we support.

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